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Savannah Rambles 

Architecture walking tours of a unique American city

Dark Rambles

A lighter look at Savannah's darker side.

Offered May thru October.

By day I conduct my Savannah Rambles, architectural walking tours, through what I consider to be the most beautiful city in America. However, as the sun fades another Savannah emerges from the gathering gloom and another story begs to be told. I have lived downtown in the National Historic Landmark District for nearly two decades. My involvement with numerous preservation projects provides me an intimate knowledge of a great many buildings, their history, and a unique perspective among tour guides. The very density of human experience here has left behind shadows and some would say "energies" like few other places in this country. This is my neighborhood, let me share them with you.

Dark Ramble topics:

- Savannah's oldest streets/architecture

- Traditional "genteel" ghost stories

- Historic burial locations

- The "Creep Factor"

- Occult practices

- Savannah's "Peculiar Institution"

- Yellow Fever / Black Death

- Colonial Park Cemetery

Reservations are required!

This Ramble meets at Tomochichi's grave marker on Wright Square, Thursday through Saturday only. Please be ready to leave at 8pm for a 90 minute tour. Remember that reservations are required - just so that I know to show up if nothing else! Contact me at 912-704-8170.

Please note that while I do deal in a few facts that might make you uneasy, if you are looking for gore, werewolves, vampires and such to scare the kids, this probably is not the tour for you.