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Savannah Rambles 

Architecture walking tours of a unique American city


"...a great introduction to both the buildings and the basic history of the city..."

-Seth Kugel, The Frugal Traveler,

"The New York Times"

"Thanks for your excellent walking tours! It was extremely helpful to have the benefit of your tour to learn about your beautiful city's architecture and history. Your knowledge and insight were invaluable to better understanding Savannah's built heritage and culture and I would highly recommend your tour to any visitor."

- Bea Renton, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Instead of sensationalized stories, he opens up the true history of Savannah like a book, translating the buildings you see into a narrative you can understand, and in the process, he brings old Savannah back to life."

-Kelly Nottingham, Texas, U.S.A.

For an independent review of my rambles by Kelli Nottingham go to

" The only way to see Savannah GA properly, and gain an iota of understanding of this unique place is by walking it with someone who has a passion for its architecture and history. We could not have done better than placing ourselves in the hands of Dirk Hardison."

-NEDVISION, Redondo Beach, California

"I've lived here my whole life and I learned a ton of stuff on your tour. We have to do this again through another part of downtown!"

- Jim Crovat,

Savannah, Georgia

"I can honestly say that I would never take a tour of Savannah from anyone else!"

- Diane Camp,

Wadsworth, Ohio