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Savannah Rambles 

Architecture walking tours of a unique American city

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Let the Dark Rambles begin!

Posted on May 19, 2011 at 1:33 PM Comments comments (622)

   I have finally found the time to put the Dark Rambles information up on the Savannah Rambles site!  Why would I join the throngs of  "ghost tours" available in Savannah?  It's mostly due to a phenomena that I had been noticing in the reviews of many of those tours that goes something like this: "being interested in architecture, I naturally signed up for one of the ghost tours".  Huh?  How does anyone make that connection?  Then I was asked to do a night version of my regular architecture tour for a destination wedding, but it needed to be "on the haunted side".  No problem.  I've learned so much about these buildings over the last 20 years that it was fun to put together a stroll through downtown's oldest streets using material not really appropriate for my daytime Ramble.
  The result is a "spirited" little Ramble through the shadows of Savannah's oldest streets.  The grusome details of the newer stories which I don't regard as very "Savannah" - I have left to other tours.  I include historic architecture, traditional ghost stories, interesting burial sites, and the often disturbing history that makes this ancient place such fertile ground for belief in the supernatural.  I might even include a local tip for making sure nothing follows you home afterwards.
  Dark Rambles leaves from Tomochichi's grave in Wright Square every night, Wednesday through Saturday, at 9:00 pm.  Ramble time is about 90 minutes.  Reservations are required!  Call 912-704-8170 to make yours.  

Adults (18 & over): $15.00/person
Students: $10.00/person