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Savannah Rambles 

Architecture walking tours of a unique American city

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Savannah's Finest Walking Tour Experience!

"The New York Times" September 7th, 2010

"...a great introduction to both the buildings and basic history of the city..." - Seth Kugel, The Frugal Traveler

   Through Savannah Rambles I want to share the architecture and history of the people and places which make my home the most beautiful city in America!

   Explore America's most unique urban environment with a guide who served as the Architectural Designer at Historic Savannah Foundation for over eight years. My knowledge of Savannah architecture is not just from books, but from working with property owners in preparing renovation plans for historic preservation in most of Savannah's twelve historic districts. Experience Savannah's historic homes and culture in a manner that will have you looking at any city, even your own hometown, through new eyes!

It is very important that you walk Savannah! This environment was designed to be experienced at the pace of a human being. The architecture details that make Savannah so interesting are lost at the speed of a modern vehicle. Walking is also the healthiest form of touring for you and our city - an "eco- friendly tour". So park the car, slip into your most comfortable walking shoes and explore Savannah with a guide who has lived, worked, and played here for over two decades!

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